Memory Coco is a collaboration; we make art using lens, sound, chemical and code.


Steven Holmes (@h0lmie) is a developer and musician. He was once described by a British music journalist as “drawling”, “technically proficient” and wearing “ball-scrunching trousers garb”. Two of those were factually correct. He builds web apps, code experiments and generative art — mostly with Python & JavaScript — and spends the rest of his time in Ableton Live.

Jana Stýblová (@styblova) is inching her way out of Silicon Valley after having designed and built a few too many mobile and web-apps in disorienting states of launched, yet-to-launch, failed-to-launch—as is the state of the start-up industry. She is a trained classical pianist, a Physics runaway, and a Conceptual Artist, currently questioning reality via music and visual experiments.


Memory Coco is the vehicle through which we'll be melding our experience and passions in the art, technology and science spaces over the coming seasons. Check out our PROCESS (daily stream of work) and selected projects. We are always looking for new experiments and experiences; please get in touch for collaborations.

Previous clients / collaborators include: Tag Heuer, Bell & Ross, Cartier, Google, YouTube, Matter.io, Unii, MakeSpace, Infor and Spanner Films.


Memory Coco
San Francisco, CA